As per everything else in life, your zodiac sign has something to say about the way yousigns-of-the-zodiac-160494_1280 sleep. I’m a pisces, and here’s what my sign says about me:

They call them ‘Pisces, The Dreamer’ and this is the description:



“Pisces are whimsical creatures and love to daydream! For a Piscean, dreaming is a medium of healing, of getting away from all the negativity and hustle-bustle of the world. Being the most spiritual among the zodiac signs, they benefit from dream analysis too. Sleep is a must for Pisces as it helps them rejuvenate themselves and reserve their energy.”

I absolutely agree about the ‘sleep is a must’ thing, but then again, I’m sure everyone else would too! And I like the idea of dreaming being a medium of healing for me, but to be honest, I very rarely remember my dreams.

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