Friends! I’m so excited. I don’t mean to brag at all, but I do believe I know a lot about coffee and that I’ve acquired a certain level of coffee expertise (realistically I just drink it a lot, but let me think what I want). BUT, the other day I was scrolling through my Facebook feed and a video about coffee facts showed up. To humour myself, I decided to watch the video, and you’ll never guess what happened… I learned something!

Good ol’Facebook pulled through at taught me something. Or, rather, Food Envy taught me something. Turns out it’s actually a pretty sweet Facebook page and has a lot of interesting, food-related content (what isn’t interesting about food, though, right??).

I’ve embedded the video into this post for y’all to enjoy, but if you’re done and want to see more check out Food Envy’s Facebook page and learn something else (I know I did). Enjoy!