Apparently Canadians are sleep deprived.

A study conducted by Aviva, an international insurance company (go figure), found that 30 per cent of Canadians say they aren’t getting enough sleep. This puts Canada third in the list of sleep deprived nations, with the U.K. (37 per cent feel they don’t get enough sleep) and Ireland (34 per cent) ahead of us.

CTV News released on article on the findings and created this graphic to show the findings of Aviva’s study.


Aviva also asked survey respondents to rank their plans for the next year in order of importance, and doing more exercise and losing weight were ranked more important than getting better sleep.

In its report, Dr Doug Wright, Medical Director for Aviva UK Health writes:

“Sometimes a few lifestyle changes are all that’s needed to boost your sleep levels, such as establishing a routine, eating dinner earlier in the night or avoiding TV and mobile phone screens before bed. Sleep trackers are also a great way of monitoring your rest patterns. However, if stress, anxiety or other mental health issues are what’s keeping you awake, getting help and support – including seeking advice from your GP – is recommended. Tackling sleepless nights is a crucial step to improving overall health and wellbeing.”