Get double the coffee levels in your morning routine with coffee-infused soap!

You already drink your coffee in the morning, so what’s so wrong with washing yourself with it?

Buck Naked Soap Company has a ‘Coffee Start Up Soap‘that has coffee as one of its ingredients. It doesn’t say how much coffee it has in it, but it’s advertised as a soap that will help invigorate you while also battling dry skin like eczema.

Now, it sounds great in theory, right?

Well, I used the Coffee Start Up Soap and I didn’t notice any difference in my energy levels whatsoever. That being said, I didn’t really expect it to act as a supplement for coffee. I did however enjoy the thought of lathering myself with coffee, and it smelled absolutely amazing.

I’m the kind of person who has coffee after their shower (it’s practically my motivation to shower quickly), and having the opportunity to smell coffee while I showered was surprisingly amazing. It was like an opening act for the headliner of a concert. There’s no way it could ever replace my real cup of coffee, but the added caffeine didn’t hurt.