Did you know eye exercises are a thing?!

They are! And apparently they keep you awake.


You know when you’ve sat at a computer for too long (students, I’m talking to you!) and your eyes start to get sore, which makes you want to close them, but you know if you close them you won’t be able to open them, so you just sit there in your tired, sore-eyed state wishing you were somewhere, anywhere, else? These can help!

There are six exercises that can help your eyes feel better:

  1. Palming – rub your hands together for heat, then press them to your *closed* eyes and say adios to the soreness!
  2. Blinking – really fast and repeatedly to tire out that soreness
  3. Eye Rolling – channel your inner “Seriously, mom?” but with your eyes closed
  4. Visual Scanning – scan your surroundings! Don’t look at the screen, look at the concrete, 3D objects surrounding you
  5. Focusing – find a particularly visually pleasing object (or person) and focus on them for a couple minutes
  6. Glancing – glance around, up and down, until your eyes feel better again

Eye exercises, people. Who knew?

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