So if you haven’t jumped on the Fitbit train for whatever reason (like the annoyance of having something attached to your arm at all times, or paying for it), here are a few good free sleeping apps that can give you the same information (minus all that healthy counting steps thing and whathaveyou):

  1. Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock: This app is great if you’re like me and press snooze four times each morning. You set a thirty-minute window, in which the alarm tracks your sleep and wakes you up at the best moment within that window. Say goodbye to your snooze button!
  2. Relax Melodies: It doesn’t take much to YouTube soothing sound effects, but with this app you can pick a few and mix your own tune! What’s better than listening to waves, a thunderstorm, and raindrops on your window at the same time?
  3. Sleepbot: Nothing angers me more than being woken up by a blaring alarm yelling at me. This app allows you to choose different peaceful, yet strong, melodies that’ll get you out of bed without wanting to throw someone at a wall.

Hope this helps! And hey, if it doesn’t, you can always invest in a Sonic Bomb alarm clock (hint: it shakes your entire bed until you get up). Happy sleeping friends!