There became a time during my travels where I felt like I was a Winnipeg spokesperson. Seriously, it’s amazing how many different people haven’t heard of Winnipeg, and if they have, how many people hate it.


“Oh! You’re Canadian. I love Canadians, Toronto or Vancouver?”

“Winnipeg? Huh. I’ve never heard of that one…”

“I’m really sorry to hear that.”

“How bout them Jets?”

“It gets cold there, doesn’t it?”

“I read an article about Winnipeg once…”


If anything, leaving for a year made me love Winnipeg even more. It’s my home. It’s a lovely city. I used to plug Winnipeg so much to everyone I met. I talked about the Jets. I talked about the Canadian Museum of Human Rights. I talked about Winnie the Pooh. My friend from England messaged me the other day saying he was coming to Canada and wanted to stop in the hidden gem that is Winnipeg. I’ve never been so proud before… My plugging paid off!

I’ve been home for six months now, and I haven’t stopped promoting Winnipeg. I can’t stop. Here’s an article I wrote for our student paper about Winnipeg being featured on National Geographic Traveler’s list of 20 Best Trips of 2016: