An ode to Chelsea Maria Mazur,

At first, I was afraid of her.

With her crazy patterns,

And colours brighter than saturn.

Let’s not forget that fur hat,

It was so hard not to look at.

But then I got to know her,

She’d run around class in a blur.

Sometimes she fell off her chair,

But she’d laugh – not swear.

She’s so good at design,

And would help me with mine.

She likes furry creatures,

Rubbing them on her face is a standard Chelsea procedure.

She blogs about Jeff Goldblum,

And has amazing costumes.

She’s the craziest person I know,

But she makes my days glow.

I’m jealous of her insane creativity,

And her lack of negativity.

Chelsea Maria Mazur,

You are a crazy and amazing and my favourite, I assure.

Shoutout to section one too,

Couldn’t have survived class with Chelsea without every one of you.

(In all reality Chelsea is one of the craziest and most creative people I know and you guys should all check out her amazing blog