This week in my advertising class we had a personal branding assignment.

Basically, we had to create a Prezi or other visual to represent who we are as a brand. This was surprisingly difficult for me, and not just because I hate talking about myself.

You know how some people have specific passions or interests that define them? Like someone who sings, or paints, or plays one specific sport, or literally does anything that they really really enjoy and are really good at? Well, that ain’t me. I’ve certainly tried all those things, and I did grow up playing sports, but I don’t identify with any specific sport.

Turns out it’s pretty hard to brand yourself when you don’t have one specific thing to grasp onto. I decided to ask people to describe me, and I got a lot of “determined,” “easy-going,” “hard working,” “great laugh,” and “smiley.” Although there’s nothing wrong with any of those, none of them say anything specific about me.

So then I decided to write a list of my favourite things which also didn’t help. It consisted of country music, rap music, cats, Coach Carter, coffee, and travelling. Can you see a theme there? Cause I couldn’t.

Clearly, I cannot be defined by one single theme or idea. When have country music and Coach Carter ever been associated?

Anyways, after being stumped for quite some time, I decided to brand myself as someone who loves diversity, loves people, and loves to try new things. There’s nothing wrong with embracing different things in life, and that’s what brand Shay is all about. Enjoy!

Shay, the brand