The answer is nothing! …Or it was nothing, until today.

For my advertising class, we had to make a short video promoting a product that we use. I decided to promote my EOS lip balm. I can’t go anywhere without lip balm. And not the glossy, shiny, red kind either – I’m talking the real good stuff that transforms your lips from dry crevices to smooth miracles. EOS is especially awesome because not only is it the real lip balm deal, it also comes in colourful, round shapes.

I decided to show off how fun EOS lip balm is by juggling three of them in my video. Yes, that is really me juggling. And yes, I was part of a juggling club in elementary school. The best part of this assignment, besides the obvious, is that it reminded me of something I forgot I could do. I’ve been able to juggle for years, but it isn’t something I share with people often because I really don’t think about it.

After filming the video and seeing everyone’s reaction to me being able to juggle I got to thinking. Yes juggling is a physical activity, but is it art too? Have I been able to do something artistic this whole time without being aware of it?

I’m going to argue yes. Juggling is a physical action, but it’s also an art form. It’s an expressive, creative process that is used for entertainment and communication purposes. Wait, doesn’t that sound familiar? Doesn’t it almost sound like the definition of art? You’re right, it sure does!

I’ve been able to do something artistic this whole time! Maybe this shows that there really is a little art in everybody, but it just appears in different forms. Either way, I’m going to continue telling myself I have abilities while you all watch my video.