Although there is nothing wrong with some good ol’ improvisation, after last week’s mishap I decided I should do a little more preparation for this week’s endeavour. I figured I could just go to Michaels craft store and wander up and down the aisles till I found something for a new project. However, soon after arriving at Michaels I quickly learned that one does not simply “find” something for a new project.

I spent most of the time wandering through the store wondering how half of the items there could even be turned into art (Hobby & Craft Chicken Wire I’m talking about you) and trying to find something that was remotely close to my level of experience.

After about 20 minutes of aimless wondering I ended up in the kid’s section.

I figured that I needed to take baby steps and work my way up the art ladder… You know, the whole ‘walk before you run’ thing. Between the bracelet making kits, the kinetic sand, and the modelling clay, I had quite the hard time deciding. Eventually I settled on some tie dye.

Although this isn’t technically a “new” endeavour, I haven’t tie dyed in ages and it was actually fun to do. I plugged in my iPod, put on my rubber gloves, and got right to work.

I didn’t read the directions (or even look at them actually) so I was a little nervous about how the designs would turn out, but to my surprise they weren’t that bad. Or so I thought.

I started googling tie dye tutorials shortly after opening my shirt and saw how intense some people get when it comes to tie dying. After seeing that, I was a little nervous about posting my tie dyed pictures on here because they don’t measure up whatsoever. – The website that made me re-think my tie dye success

Then I remembered that this is the whole reason why I started this blog. It’s not to be good at everything I do, even if some of them are children’s activities, but it’s to actually do them and get the experience that is important. I didn’t set out to be amazing at every artistic endeavour I try, I didn’t even set out to be amazing at one, but I did set out to give myself the opportunity to experiment and do things I wouldn’t normally do. And today that is exactly what I did. 

Plus, I guess that’s what I deserve for seeing HOW you do something after you already do it, rather than before.

But I also like to think that some artists prefer to go with the flow and don’t really need instructions either…

Anyways, now I have a new tie dye sports bra and pajama shirt for whenever I want! I just need to figure out how to get the rainbow ink stains off my bed sheets… Did you know you were supposed to wash the tie dyed clothing before you actually wear them to make sure the ink doesn’t leak???

IMG_1058 IMG_1045